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At Yak Arts we pride our selves in our ability to source our goods from around the world. Check out our CUSTOM ORDERS PAGE


Here at Yak Arts we sell a variety of teak furniture, available for interior and exterior use.


Currently the  image gallery of furniture shown depicts items that have already been purchased and delivered to a customer's home.



If you are interested in ordering custom furniture please feel free to contact us via our facebook page, or contact us directly on our contact page.


If you have purchased furniture from us in the past and would like to contribute and image, please send us a message via our contact page. We would be happy to add it.

Teak Table
Handcarved Teak Table
Teak Table
Teak Bench As Goat Stand
Teak Bench
Teak Root King Chair
Teak Bench
Teak Patio Set
Teak Root Chair
Teak Root Bench
Teak Root Shelving Unit
Natural Teak Wood Bird Bath
Teak Root Chair
Teak Root Bench
Teak Table Set


Delivery is available for up to 500 miles

All Images in gallery taken at time of delivery, or provided by customers.

Furniture 12 VIEW

Teak Wood (what is it? & Where is it from?)

Teak wood is a natural hardwood that is indigenous throughout Southeast Asia. Historically it has been known for it's strength against the elements, and as a raw material is often used in boat making and the construction of decking on houses. Occasionally artists will use teak as a carving wood, however due to it's hardness and density softer faster growing woods such as suar wood, are often perfered.


Here at Yak Arts, a large part of the reason we travel is so that we know what we are getting, and who we are getting it from. We travel directly to sustainably managed forests in Indonesia to source all of our furniture. We do our best to buy directly from the artists who construct the furniture. To do this we go on journeys for over five hours on unpaved roads in jungle terrain. In this part of the world the temperatures can sky rocket, the humidity can only be described as "unreal". In the picture here you can see our owner Robert with his daughter, Heather. The benches pictured were purchased from a man's home workshop.

Owner Robert with Heather on a buying expedition in Indonesia

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