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Suar Wood (Carvings & Furniture)

At Yak Arts we sell a variety of different carvings sourced from around the world. Some of the most popular and realistic carvings are carved from Suar Wood.



Published December 15, 2015


Suar Wood is also known as Albizia Saman, or Monkeypod it is an indigenous wood to Southeast Asia. The tree can grow to over 82 feet tall, and is charachterized by a large umbrella like canopy with thick leaves.

Suar Wood, or Monkey-Pod Tree, showing tree's canopy like effect

As a material Suar wood is considered highly sought-after and is the preffered wood for carving throughout Indonesia. This is due to the fact that it's grains crisscross and interlock, giving it a special grain texture. The interlocking texture, has resulted in the wood's fame for it's beautifully striking red grains as well as its unique strengths. The strength that Suar Wood holds is in it's ability to be resistant to decay, dry-wood termites, and most fundamentally, cracking from wood movement. The wood itself is relatively heavy, less so than teak wood, however still very strong and robust. This makes it a favored choice for large conference and dining tables. At Yak Arts we once sold a Suar Wood table that was 10 feet long and 4 inches thick.


Suar wood is not considered a threatened species and has a G5 conservation status. G5 status means that globally it is widespread, abundant and in no danger of extinction.





UPDATED: Feburary 2, 2016

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