Larimar Bracelet

Larimar Bracelet


Hammered sterling silver surrounds enhance the fine quality oval Larimar stones in this 8.5" toggle bracelet.

  • Larimar

    Larimar is a rare form of blue pectolite from the Dominican Republic.  The name Larimar is a combination of the name Larissa, new daughter to the man who rediscovered it and "mar" which means sea, paying homage to the indigenous vernacular. Originally refered to by the indigenous people as Piedra del Mar (Sea stone) because it would wash up on the beaches of Baharona, the stone was renamed and officially identified in the 1960s. By tracing ocean currents up to the mouth of a river and beyond, it was discoverecd that storm water runoff was washing the stone down from Volcanic areas near sulfer pools where it is currently mined. Considered a rare stone and a commodity in its own right, Larimar is only known to occur in this singular area on Earth.

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