Paintings & Wall ARt (our gallery Room)

Paintings and Wall Art


Our store is divided into rooms - or sections, a form of organized chaos to provide order so that we can find things. Our 'gallery' section is in the front end of the building and dependin on which entrance you choose the back or side end of the building. It contains 100's and 100's of paintings, lithographs, prints, etchings, plaques, you name it we've got it 1000s of pieces stacked against the wall, treasures - waiting for you to come along and rummage through! Here in our online store it is difficult to exemplify the true atmosphere, but hopefully at home or in a quieter environment it will still provide a sense of adventure, as you scroll through the piles and browse the ever changing walls.


At Yak Arts we have an established gallery section, where our walls are constantly changing.  We host events throughout the year. These events include gallery receptions for work by local artists, and curated events that display work that is already in our retail collection. Yak Arts has recently started a local arts innitiative and for the past three years has been working with members of the comminity to contribute to festivals, and youth art exposure. For more information, or to find out what is coming up next at Yak Arts visit our Events Page.


When you step into our gallery room, the walls always remain curated whist the floor is filled with stacks of paintings that lineing the baseboards, organized by size and shape.  Here on our website gallery page we have organized our paintings by subject, and medium. The subjects are; seascape, landscape, portrait (as in people), still life, abstract, and archetectural


We have everything!

even the things you didn't know you were looking for.


SEASCAPES & Landscapes

'Solo Art Show'
Artist: Jordan Renzi

Friday February 19 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Jordan Renzi is an emerging painter and established musician on Cape Cod. She uses the acrylic medium to pair the auditory dimension with the visual one. Using a distinct style she depicts familiar local scenes, and mystical imagined ones. Join us the 19th of Feburary from 6:30pm - 8:30pm to meet the artist at the reception of her first ever solo show and enjoy a free selection of drinks and snacks





At Yak Arts We do our best to host one cultural event a month in our gallery room.

This means giving local and international artists an opportunity to become part of our community by showing their work.for more information please visit our Events Page.

Portraits & Still Lifes