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 fine quality handcrafted Lladro Spainish porcelain


Lladro is a fine quality porcelain that produced in a singlular factory called Porcelain City, located in Valencia, Spain. Established in 1958 by Juan, Jose, and Vincente Lladro, the company has expanded as a multi-generational, and internationally recognized hallmark of what can be identified as fine Spanish porcelain.

'Lladro Factory Hand Painting' chloe nielsen



At Yak Arts, we make sure to always have a large selection of Lladro on hand as well as a variety of other fine ceramics. To explore more of our extensive collection please visit our ceramics page.

Lladro 1960's Hallmark




The company began with humble begginings, it emerged out of the experimentation and a curiosity of three men and a moorish furnace that they built themselves in 1953. These men Juan, Jose and Vincente Lladro would go on to create the City of Porcelain (opened on October 13, 1969) which employs over 1,000 people who collaberatively create and design each individual piece by hand. The crystaline finish and opaque tonallities can be attributed to the innovative process that reduced a three-layer firing to a one layer firing.  Making Lladro a name that is considered synonomis with fine Spanish ceramics.

LLADRO CERAMICS Video showing the extensive process of how Lladro ceramics are made.

Video Source: Silver Queen Inc., Silver Museum educational outreach program



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