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Local Artist:  Tessera C Knowles-Thompson


Opening Reception Evening of Friday March 4th 6:30 - 8:30

March 4th - March 14th


This solo art show features the talented work of local  Cape Cod artist Tessera C Knowles-Thompson. Come and join us the Evening of the 4th for light refreshements and a celebration of this emerging artist.

This interplay between past and present through artistic ambiguity can often suggest the importance of place, intertwining reality and fiction. Her illustrations and photographs are attempts to capture moments of intrigue. They are born from her explorations and observations.


“I am a collector of tiny beautiful things. It is rare that I return from a walk without finding a bone or claw or some other little treasure in my pocket. Raw beauty – found in both the mundane and the extraordinary – drives me to create and continue along my exploratory path”.


In 2013, after graduating from the University of Vermont, where she studied Political Science and History, Tessera moved to Provincetown for the summer. Between jobs, she sought solitude in the dunes. During these excursions, armed with her sketchbook and pencils, she documented her observations. By September, she knew she wanted to experience Provincetown during the quieter months and tap into the creative energy she began to feel that fall. September two years later, after having lived in Germany, Iceland and Vermont, she returned to Provincetown. During her first month back, she completed a Natural Science Illustration workshop with David Wheeler at the Center for Coastal Studies, and found her calling.




Published  February 24, 2016


Tessera is a visual artist currently residing in Provincetown, MA. Tessera was born April 28th 1990 in Sandwich, MA but took time to grow up in Southern Vermont  In an interview she revealed,


“This show is an opportunity for me to showcase a collection of memories that have manifested in a variety of forms. I experiment with different styles and mediums, depending on what is available and how I am feeling.”

Tessera is an artist who creates work that explores the strengths of beauty and place through the representation of land and formation. Tessera’s medium preferences are open, she works with pencil and watercolor pencils and with acrylic and oil paints on paper, canvas, linen, and found materials.


“I enjoy experimenting as much as possible”.

Each piece tells a story and her hope is to share these experiences with the

IMAGE SOURCE: Tessera C. Knowles-Thompson

viewer. Tessera’s abstract work is inspired by setting – place and mindset, nature is a common thread. In her paintings, the tool of choice will mimic familiar textures and patterns found in nature – both micro and macro images.  Her work plays with the ambiguity and illusions that can be created by the nostalgic and resilient emotions often associated with ‘wilderness’.


“I enter a meditative flow state, and like to think of the outcome as a topographical map of my mind. These pieces are never quite complete.”


IMAGE SOURCE: Tessera C. Knowles-Thompson

“My current goal is to recreate the colors of Cape Cod by producing my own pigments with a mortar and pestle. In a future show I would like to exhibit the outcome of this experiment.” – Tessera C Knowles-Thompson



Beauty. Place. Light/Dark. Reality/Fiction. Past/Present. Ambiguity. Illusion. Memory. Resilience. Wilderness. Land/Formation.










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