Masquer: A Collection of Daydreams

Fine Art Photographer: Kaitrin Acuna


Opening Reception Evening of January 15th, 6pm-8pm

 January 15th - January 21st

Masquer will feature several new image composites created with Cape landscapes, as well as images from the Pollatoggle and Cloud Alchemy series. This show will be a collection of many characters played by one face. Work will be for sale and fun times to be had. Yak Arts is a marvelous place full of treasures...especially potential photography props. Come join us!


published January 8, 2015

Kaitrin Acuna is a fine art photographer who combines pieces of images to create surreal, visually believable scenarios. Typically using self portraiture, she plays a variety of characters and their unusual escapades. Kaitrin obtained her BFA in photography by studying at the University of Connecticut and University College Dublin. Over the past four years, Kaitrin has been the recipient of twelve local and international artist grants, which have helped her craft these characters in both New England and Ireland. After moving to Orleans fall 2015, Kaitrin began a series of surreal images within the Cape Cod landscape.

image source: kaitrin acuna

Initially, creating photo composites began as a way to visually transport herself to another realm, such as with the images her series Pollatoggle. This sentiment evolved with Cloud Alchemy, placing magic within the set of an otherwise bland dining room. Kaitrin’s most recent series is progressing in a similar manner, but aims to highlight the eccentricities of local Cape areas. Masquer is a show with selected images from each of these series, with an array of whimsical characters played by the one artist.


Outside of the fine art world, Kaitrin can be found be found wandering the Cape as’s photographer, painting colorful art cars, and planning to travel wherever she can get. 



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