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Artist Jordan Renzi


This solo art show, is the first thame that musician and artist Jordan Renzi will be showing a collective presentation of her paintings.


Artist Jordan Renzi


The connection between painting and music as it’s been revealed to me, is rooted in the physical process of painting as well as the exploration of color and subject matter. The process itself is a vehicle of expression, which has similarly cathartic benefits to writing and singing a song. I feel like I could talk about this forever! Color, subject matter and technique can be paralleled to melody, lyrics and phrasing essentially. I’ve already had it go both ways ­ painting then song and vice versa. Whether the painting or the song comes first, in my experience, is sort of the same age old question ­ lyrics or melody, chicken or the egg?


published January 19, 2016


Jordan Renzi is an Orleans based singer-songwriter

exploring the visual arts. Growing up on the Cape as a child, it wasn't until she returned after graduating from college that she discovered music and most recently, painting. Jordan paints both from photographs and from memory, and has begun to link her songwriting with her visual art. She is inspired by the natural beauty of Cape Cod and of her Lower Cape residence, common themes being the sea, the moon and coastal landscapes. 

IMAGE SOURCE: provided by Jordan Renzi Original Painting 'Fly Away Night'


'Fly Away Night' is an example of one of the many artistic concepts that this young humble artist, expresses in a physically painted form as well as an acoustic one. Watch the video below to hear the song.

VIDEO SOURCE: provided by Jordan Renzi Live Performance 'Fly Away Night'


IMAGE SOURCE: provided by Jordan Renzi



published January 25, 2016

Artist Jordan Renzi


“As a new artist, the prospect of seeing my paintings framed and hung in a gallery is very exciting. Similar to pressing my first CD, it’s something I’ll never forget”


I take this show as a huge learning experience. My work so far has been very spur of the moment, as well as very experimental as I discover how to paint. I feel like I am seeing a part of myself for the first time. I think this work has served as a testing ground, and going forward I hope to expand on some of the techniques I’ve touched on.


Conceptually, there is a lot going on in my head while I’m working partially because the experience is so fresh to me, and also because for me painting is extremely therapeutic. I’ve found the process to be full of metaphors for life, which is very similar to how I think of and write music. I think most of these pieces are just an interpretation of beauty that I’ve seen or imagined. I would like viewers to see and feel whatever comes naturally, but it will be interesting to find out whether what I was feeling during the process will be visible to the audience. If there was something I could ideally impart to the viewer through my work it would be the experience of vivid emotion ­ sounds like art 101!


I don’t knowingly adhere to any particular style, I sort of just try things and hope for the best. There are often unexpected results that beckon flexibility and openness, almost like a call and response, to make things work. When it comes to color, sometimes it comes first as a reflection of my mood and sometimes it lends itself to the subject of the painting ­ much like in writing music where the melody is to color as the lyrics are to the subject. For this particular body of work, most of the pieces will be framed in repurposed barn board, salvaged from a barn in Maine. Each frame will be slightly different, with different marks of wear and tear but all from the same building. This rustic style frame I think will complement the overall vibe of the show and hopefully pull everything together.


There is no deliberate theme for the paintings I think because it’s my first run, and I was more concerned about trying different things. However, coastal landscapes emerged as a theme on its own (unsurprisingly) with recurring elements such as the sea, the moon and marsh­scapes.

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