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IMPRESSIONS: A Solo Exhibition

Fine Art Photographer: Cat Boyce


Opening Reception October 22nd, 6pm-8pm

  October 22nd - November 3rd



Cat Boyce is a multi-medium fine art photographer interested in the paralells between humanity and it's relationship to the natural world. This show will feature two complex and exciting series; Part A - a constructive work that combines the use of transfer photography with natural elements and Reflections an explorative series that uses found objects to stretch the boundaries of perspective.


published October 6, 2016


image source: Cat Boyce

Cat Boyce is a fine art photographer currently located in Connecticut. She completed her BFA concentrating in photography and ninoring in digital arts from the University fo Connecticut and The Institute of Palazzo Rucellai in Florence, Italy. Boyce uses photography as a tool to explore her perspective within the world and capture relationships between humans and nature. Boyce is constantly pushing and pulling at the boudaries of photography. The process of experimentation and the unknown are integral to the finished piece. Cat is currently experimenting with a wood transfer process as well as using bees wax on top of her photographs. She recently returned from the Starry Night Artist Residency in Truth or Concequences, New Mexico in August where she explored photography through vast landscapes unlike anything she has seen before in New England.

Boyce spends her days creatively marketing and promoting central Connecticut at the Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce and working as a photojournalist for a local newspaper. She spends her free time volunteering as a Captain for the Bristol Art Squad, a group of talented community artists who have joined forces to pepper her hometown with arts and culture. She also spends her free time fulfilling her wanderlust by travelling and hiking as much as she can, meeting new people and hanging out with her three cats and big dog, Duke.

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