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This exhibition does not just display illustrations and animations, but also many of the puppets and sets that bring these stories to life.  These handcrafted paper puppets create characters that people can relate to. These segments of larger finished pieces show how projecting a character through a puppet drives a narrative.  "I hope that in this exhibition everyone finds a character, a place, or a story to relate to."



Published February 28, 2016


Nicole Horsman is a Boston born illustrator and animator.  After she graduated from the University of Connecticut she moved to Manchester CT.  She spends her days making “Little Bob” for Bob’s Discount Furniture, and her nights working on her freelance illustration and animation career.  Her love of storytelling drives her craft, and she works mainly in gouache, watercolor, and cut paper.  Although most of her time is spent working she also enjoys reading, travelling, and taking walks with her dog, Max. 

Stories help us to understand both the past and the present. "My ideas, and works inspired by them, are a response to day-to-day events."  


My work records the not-so-monumental events and elevates them. I want viewers to see that the events in their lives that they regard as mundane are actually truly remarkable, and worthy of attention and examination. 


Much of my storytelling is based on genuine emotion that either I have experienced or someone close to me has experienced.  "I build characters and landscapes around these emotions to make interesting and compelling stories that I hope viewers can relate to."



Artist: Nicole Horsman


Opening Reception Evening of Saturday April 16th 6:30 - 8:30

April 16th - April 26th


This solo art show features the animations, illustrations, and mixed media puppets created by emerging artist Nicole Horsman. Come and join us the Evening of the 16th for light refreshements and a celebration of this talented young artist.




an original animated film by artist Nicole Horsman.


Premiere: April 16 at 7:30pm


April 17 - April 26th

Show times: 10.30... 12.30... 2.30... 4.30...



Created by Nicole Horsman.


'Claus' is a short animated film by emerging artist Nicole Horsman.

It uses stop animation technique.



Silver Award - 2015 - Connecticut Art Directors Club Annual Awards Show

The Dean's Purchase Award - 2015 - University of Connecticut BFA Exhibition

Student's Choice Award - 2015 - University of Connecticut BFA Exhibition

1st Place -2015 - Show 'Em What You Got Juried Exhibition



Permanent Collection of The University of Connecticut



Atlanta Film Festival 2016


Last Revised: April 2016

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