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 Semi-precious Stones (how they are manipulted by man)

There are many different ways that semi-precious, and precious stones are manipulated to make them into jewelry. In many instances the quality of the stone as well as its hardness and clarity often determines how the stone will be cut, polished, or shaped.


'Cut Stone' is the term used by jewelers to describe stones that are cut to a specific shape to enhance the 'fire' of the stone. There are many different styles and kinds of cut stone. The most common cut used for semi-precious stones is the eight facet cut. This is often refered to in colloquial terms simply as a faceted stone.


Here at Yak Arts we sell a vairety of cut stones. The majority of which are set in sterling silver jewelry.  Some of the more common cut stones that we sell are, amethyst, citrine, garnet, aquamarine, blue topaz, and peridot. We also do our best to maintain a selection of less common cut stones. This currently includes, amber and rainbow moonstone.


Raw stones are the opposite of cut stones, and are stones that are left in their original form. Normally raw stones that are set in jewelry are also polished. Any stone can be left in it's 'raw' form, however there are certain stones that are more popular raw, than others. A popular stone that is almost always seen in 'raw' form is the druzy crystal, or druzy stone.





Image Source: visual dictionary

Cut Stones
Raw Stones
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